Monday, July 24, 2017

Elder Sorenson - July 17, 2017

Hi Everyone!

This week went really well and was filled with quite a bit of laughs, cries, and all that good stuff.

I learned so much, especially from my converts, that I really can help people and I really am helping people come closer to Christ!

First, I want to share the funny story of the week. On Monday, we had a great day and were coming into the house and we saw a rat in our kitchen!! So we thought of a way we were going to catch it. I recorded it, you're welcome to watch it! Just watch the video and you can see why it is so funny!!

Anyways, the Elders and I finally got done with that huge service project that took two more days to finish! But we finally got it done and it was such a good feeling taking up the last bucket of dirt. I love service so much and it's such a great way to help other people!

We also had a meeting with our Mission President and he taught us something incredible: The importance of inspiring questions in lessons because we all know nobody is perfect. He taught us a theory of an iceberg and how we can only see the top of the iceberg, but the ice under the water is a lot bigger. In order to know the problems of the investigator, you need to their gain confidence and then be guided by the spirit to know what questions to ask. It was one of the most spiritual moments and experiences I have had on my mission.

It is crazy what can happen when you rely on the spirit 100% of the time. My companion and I applied the lesson to our investigators and they literally told us their life story and completely opened up. It is incredible to physically see and witness the spirit in conversion and in the hearts of the people here in Ecuador.

The best experience I had this week was yesterday. While we were trying to talk to a family, there was a huge party outside. I swear everyone here are either going to or already have hearing problems because of how loud they play the music. Anyways, everyone was dancing and partying outside. The family we wanted to teach ended up being at the party, so we were a little bummed about that but we went to the next house over, which is Sister Rosa (my most recent convert) and her entire family. We found them reading an Ensign magazine together and reading the teachings of the Prophet! All of a sudden, when we entered their house the music outside disappeared and we were filled with the spirit. I couldn't help but cry with joy.

This mission is not only changing the lives of other people, but those people are changing my life every day.

Love Always,

Elder Sorenson

John 16:33

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