Monday, June 26, 2017

Elder Sorenson - June 26, 2017

Hi Everyone!

This week was filled with service and I honestly still can't feel my arms. My companion looks for service so we can get to know the people and in hopes that they will become investigators. It is a great idea and he and I have been very successful, but my body is telling me otherwise. Ha ha! We did have quite a successful week and had some fun while working!

I want to tell all of you about the investigators I am currently working with. As of now, we have eight investigators progressing and taking the discussions with us.

Family Sanchez is such a great family and we just started teaching them. They are lifelong friends with a family in the ward and we have been able to help them find more happiness in their life! They have a daughter who is 17 that doesn't believe in God (the first person I have met on my mission that doesn't believe in God). It has been a little tough teaching her the basic doctrine, which is faith, when she doesn't have faith. It is a new challenge for me that I know I can overcome!

We also found (through a recent convert of ours) a whole family of penguins (little children) that want to hear our message. There are literally seven kids and the mom! The mom can't go to church because of work but her kids do. All seven of them. In Ecuador, that is a ton of people in one group. So when they walk into church, I feel like how other people felt when, after my Fuller family reunion, we went to church and all 30 of us showed up and filled the whole chapel in Newport Beach. Haha! But they are great and I will keep you all updated on how they progress! Our other investigators are doing great and I love them to death. I would have to say the biggest problem here is marriage. Hardly anyone is married, and if they are, it is to another commitment they had 10 years ago. I can name five people that would be baptized tomorrow if it weren't for problems with marriage. But, I have been able to work with this and find a solution. Anyways, those are my investigators with a little update on who and how they are!

The families that I have already baptized are doing great as well! Valeria and Jostyn, they are literally my best friends and I love them more than the world! Their mom reminds me of my mom (sense of humor, loving, caring). They are a great family and they will always be in my heart.

We also had a meeting with our Mission President this past week that went very well and we learned a whole bunch! We were able to share our problems we have been having as a District and our President helped us come up with solutions. Our Mission President is so loving and kind and he really thinks with his heart. He is a wonderful man!

I am so blessed to be here and so blessed to be able to serve a mission! It is one of the greatest decisions that I have ever made in my life.

I love you all! You are always in my thoughts and prayers!

Love Always,
Elder Sorenson

Matthew 5:13-16 (favorite scripture of Ryan)
Salt = Example

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